The Fly Tower (Consortium Chronicles # 1)

New Orleans, 1882

By all accounts, the American Civil War lasted longer than anyone had ever anticipated. The advent of military airships and steam-powered barrel shooters facilitated a brutality unparalleled in previous warfare. No one escaped unscathed as both sides found their loyalties strained to the breaking point. Families were ripped apart. Friendships lost. A personal sense of honor and justice forced Captain Bettyna Marin to question where her own loyalty rested. What she discovered changed the course of not only her life, but the war.  But those choices had consequences, and though the war is long past, she is still wanted for conspiracy and treason. Well-known as a fugitive, lawmen and bounty hunters alike have set their sights on capturing her for the reward money–or quite simply the fame.

None have been clever or lucky enough to succeed. 

Yet Bettye isn’t one to allow the past to control her.  She has carved a new life for herself in The Orleans Republic where she owns and operates Cardinal Airship, the largest transcontinental luxury airship company in the Consortium. Though she leads a relatively law-abiding lifestyle, she still flirts with her fugitive status in an effort to right the unintended aftermath of those wartime actions. Everything is unfolding as planned until a Confederate Policing Agency detective arrives in New Orleans investigating the disappearance of her former assistant.

Bettye has a general distrust for the Confederacy and any of its agents but Detective Nathaniel Bass Kelley quickly proves to be an important ally and they form a partnership to track down the girl’s whereabouts.  The investigation leads them to a discovery more foreboding than the plight of one missing person, and they will have to work together to unravel a sinister conspiracy that threatens to rip the Consortium apart.


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