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The September Want List


Welcome to the Random Assortment that is the September Want List!

Be prepared.  I’m simply throwing up an assortment of items I want without rhyme or reason.

Because leather is hot this season:

leggingOkay, so these leggings aren’t technically real leather…but they look gorgeous and are vegan friendly! Plus they’re a steal at only $66!

skirtThis skirt is the real deal.  Beautiful rust colored leather pencil skirt.  Ideal for day to night transition.

Because I love a bit of sparkle?!:

dressNecklineRock this silk and bead dress by Elijah to a holiday party…I might pair it with my octopus nylons…  skin colored with black octopus silhouettes running up my calves.  They almost look painted or tattooed on!

Because a girl always needs another pair of animal print shoes:

bootsCheetah ankle boots…want them badly! But at $425, they are a bit of splurge…I will pursue less expansive alternatives.  Sigh.

Because a small mirror just won’t do when I’m strutting these new looks:

MirrorBeen window-shopping mirrors for a while now…love this one, though I do feel as if it conjures up memories of Mrs. Havisham from Great Expectations…as though I should bear all the above looks while wrapped in a fur, lounging leisurely in a vintage armchair regaling the future youth with stories of my long-lost love(s).


Then again maybe it’s merely a beautiful mirror!

(Photo credits (top to bottom): kembrel.com; tumblr.com; kaboodle.com; kickpleat.com; houzz.com)