Consortium Chronicles series (***series name subject to change)

A not-yet-published Steampunk series set in an alternate 1880s North America, featuring the brave, though sometimes impetuous airship captain, Bettyna Marin.

About the Consortium:

The Sovereign Republics of the North American Consortium are comprised of five sovereign republics and their territories: The United States of America, The Confederate States of America, Canada, Mexico, and The Orleans Republic. Established in 1815, its original purpose was to garner and maintain peace between the United States of America and the newly formed République D’Orléans*, a collection of states obtained by the Louisana Purchase that banded together and fought to claim their independence from the USA. Today, the Consortium’s main purpose, while similar in intent, has greater reach and power as it maintains peace among all nations of North America. It was particularly beneficial in broking a peace treaty between the USA and CSA following a bloody and disastrous ten year Civil War.

*(The Orleans Republic was later adopted for their English-speaking neighbors).


The Fly Tower


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  2. Pingback: Recap on book and blog pages « kathryn camisa

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