Writing: The Anima Principle?


It’s been awhile since I updated you all on my efforts to get this steampunk fantasy novel of mine published.

So, where am I and what have I been doing all this time?

Well, needless to say, I’m a little behind, since my last goal was to have agent query letters ready to send by early January. BUT I did finish my third round edits and the manuscript is shinier than it’s ever been…of course, it can still use some edits but…and I don’t think I’m alone here as a writer…I could edit this manuscript forever waiting on perfection and never be 100% satisfied, keeping the words prisoner on my computer and not making a single stride toward actual publication. So, I’ll settle for this mostly satisfied feeling, and am letting go of that pesky fear of exposing my novel to the harsh, cold, critical world of agents and publishers.

Yet, want to know my biggest dilemma at the moment?

What to name it! I’ve had The Fly Tower as a working title since almost the beginning though I’d really like to change it and frankly, I’m hitting a wall. I’m leaning toward The Anima Principle and will likely send my first round of submissions with this new title…though maybe inspiration will strike by early next week and a better title will surface.

I have about 8-10 agents selected as recipients for my hopeful plea because apparently, all the advice out there recommends starting with around 10 submissions and see what type of response you get and then go from there…seems like a good plan. Why send out 50 queries if you might need to punch up the letter for a better response?

This past weekend, I started drafting the dreaded query letters and while they aren’t ready yet, I feel good about the rough work, and my plan is to start emailing agents early next week.

Insert terror and glee in equal measures here.

Today, I also plan to draft the story synopsis because a couple of agents request the 1-2 page summary be submitted with the query letter.

There.  That’s all for now.

Anyway, wish me luck or to break a leg or whatever…I’ll be posting updates much more frequently on my progress.

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  1. Good luck with all that! I’m in the throes of my *last* round of revisions on my perpetually nearly finished novel; sending to an editor next week! I’ve got my query letter and synopsis ready and started my agent spreadsheet, research on that done. I have to say for me writing the query letter is almost worse than editing the whole novel because it’s just so important and so much needs to be accomplished in so few words. I hear you though I could keep editing forever. Best of luck to you as you start querying!

    • Thanks so much! And good luck to you as well! Yeah, I was struggling with the query letter over the weekend and then took a step back and it become a touch easier, but I fear it’ll become quite tiresome once I’m polishing it up and I’ll get frustrated again. I completely agree, the query letter is so important and has to capture the essence of your writing/novel, not to mention the agent’s interest in a very limited space. Hope all goes well with your submissions!

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