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The May Want List


I am sorely in need of a night out, partying with the girls, drinking some cocktails, and dancing until the sun comes up!

So this month’s want list is merely a wish list of what I’d wear if money was no object.





A white gauzy top, peacock sequin mini skirt paired with neutral sandals and a gold statement necklace.

Let the fun begin…and it will start with a jalapeño martini from Sunita’s. If you live in NYC, check out this bar on the LES! Owned by a former chemist, the drinks here are infused with her own special recipes. Beware they are strong!

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First Round…Done!


Last night, I sent out query letters to ten lucky agents! 🙂

Seriously though, I’m looking at round one as a learning experience and a way to gain some feedback…unless, of course, some agent is blown away and my search ends early…seems unlikely simply because of the sheer number of writers out there hoping to land an agent.  Still it’s a great feeling of accomplishment…and now I can take a breather from the business of getting published and work more on book number two. Yay!

Those readers looking for the May Want List, don’t despair!  It will be ready by the 31st. 🙂

Writing: The Anima Principle?


It’s been awhile since I updated you all on my efforts to get this steampunk fantasy novel of mine published.

So, where am I and what have I been doing all this time?

Well, needless to say, I’m a little behind, since my last goal was to have agent query letters ready to send by early January. BUT I did finish my third round edits and the manuscript is shinier than it’s ever been…of course, it can still use some edits but…and I don’t think I’m alone here as a writer…I could edit this manuscript forever waiting on perfection and never be 100% satisfied, keeping the words prisoner on my computer and not making a single stride toward actual publication. So, I’ll settle for this mostly satisfied feeling, and am letting go of that pesky fear of exposing my novel to the harsh, cold, critical world of agents and publishers.

Yet, want to know my biggest dilemma at the moment?

What to name it! I’ve had The Fly Tower as a working title since almost the beginning though I’d really like to change it and frankly, I’m hitting a wall. I’m leaning toward The Anima Principle and will likely send my first round of submissions with this new title…though maybe inspiration will strike by early next week and a better title will surface.

I have about 8-10 agents selected as recipients for my hopeful plea because apparently, all the advice out there recommends starting with around 10 submissions and see what type of response you get and then go from there…seems like a good plan. Why send out 50 queries if you might need to punch up the letter for a better response?

This past weekend, I started drafting the dreaded query letters and while they aren’t ready yet, I feel good about the rough work, and my plan is to start emailing agents early next week.

Insert terror and glee in equal measures here.

Today, I also plan to draft the story synopsis because a couple of agents request the 1-2 page summary be submitted with the query letter.

There.  That’s all for now.

Anyway, wish me luck or to break a leg or whatever…I’ll be posting updates much more frequently on my progress.