‘Tis the Season…



for Nutcracker Rouge!

Ballet! Opera! Burlesque! Circus performances!

Touted as “A Baroque Burlesque Confection,” this amazing hybrid performance truly is a fantastic show.

Very loosely based on Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, the show more closely resembles the Moulin Rouge with Yuletide themes.  Each scene revolves around a different type of confection or sweet…i.e. Turkish delights to the Sugar Plums…this update is wonderfully fun and provocative! And I’ll admit it was very well-produced and much more elegant (despite some raunchier scenes) than I had anticipated. I feel in love with this show and plan to see it again next year.

If you’re in the NYC area, the show runs through Jan. 5th at Minetta Lane Theatre.  This is definitely an adult-only show…lots of scantily clad male go-go dancers and female burlesque dancers to titillate.

Photos weren’t allowed during the performance but I snagged a stage photo after….notice the swing, lots of aerial acrobatics involved as well! Sexy cirque du soliel!

See more Nutcracker Rouge here!


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