Dressing Katniss Everdeen

Dressing Katniss Everdeen

The next film in the Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire, premieres next Friday.  I’m wildly excited to see it.  I loved the book series and thought the first movie was a decent adaptation…but story aside, I’m confident that Capitol Fashion will be HUGE and INSANELY FUN (and very likely ridiculous) this time around!

Inspired by the movie, I’ve developed my own look for Katniss.  What you’re about to see is my idea of what Cinna might choose if she were attending a Capitol cocktail party.  It’s a more classic mod look rather than overly adventurous, but it still summons the fiery image he shaped for her as a tribute.

No doubt she’d hate attending any Capitol function;  still playacting as the newest, happiest victor would be par for the course, and hopefully, at least, Katniss would be mollified by eating the lamb stew with plums and prunes.  😉


For the premiere next Friday, I’ll feature a more elegant ball gown concept for Katniss!




(Photo credits (top to bottom): www.fsfashionist.com, weheartit.com, jckonline.com, wanelo.com, weddbook.com

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