Summer is Coming–The May Want List


It’s scorching hot here in NYC…last week I wanted to cry in frustration over the unseasonably cold weather that rained down on us. Yet now we’re sweltering with highs approaching 90 degrees.  Yeah, sure,  climate change must be a myth.  (Insert rolling eyes of sarcasm here)

Still I’d rather be hot and bothered than cold and damp.

So with the warm weather in mind, this want list is all about embracing summer and its fashion.

SandalsDiane Von Furstenberg Kyra Sandals in Peach

Why? Because every girl needs a pair of cute yet comfy sandals for running around the city.

Shift DressChev Republic Coral Pink Chevron Print Dress

This breezy summer shift is my biggest want right now.

Achor EarringsIt will be full-steam ahead with these anchor earrings.  Nautical is a classic summer look.

sunglassesAmaranto by Roberto Cavalli
This summer, I’m on a quest to find my new favorite pair of sunglasses.  If these complement my face, the search will be over.


Juicy Couture Ombre Straw Hat

I don’t usually wear hats, wide brim or narrow, but I like the idea of this one for roaming NYC before and after a weekend brunch date or for prowling the city streets with adventure in mind.

Photo credits (top to bottom):,,, ebay.compiperlime


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