Gaining Momentum


The past couple of weeks have been productive for both the creative and business sides of writing.  I completed the first chapter from a minor POV I’ve decided to add plus I’ve managed to get another three chapters edited.  I feel really confident about hitting my late June/early July deadline but it all hinges on how dedicated I am over the next two months. 🙂  The balance in my life has been tipped toward social outings rather than writing but I’m planning to swing that pendulum back toward writing for the next couple of months.

I’ve also started to research possible agents and their submission guidelines…and soon I need to start working on those dreaded query letters. Oh it’s going to be a busy couple of months but it’s exciting to finally reach a stage when I can think about either getting this novel traditionally published or if that doesn’t work out, make steps toward self-publishing.

I really want an editor to review The Fly Tower prior to contacting agents…so I’ve started to research companies that offer content editing plus have received some suggestions from friends. I have a very strong lead with a co-worker’s recommendation and so far, my email interactions with this person have been promising.

Has anyone used a freelance editor for a manuscript that they’d recommend?  I prefer an someone with experience editing science fiction/fantasy.  Extra points if they’ve edited Steampunk works.


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