Cheers to finding that perfect moment…



Ha! This is exactly what I do!

When I was younger, I could write anytime, anywhere.  Most days, I’d come home from school, head straight to my bedroom and just write and write and write until I was forced to sleep by my family. It was the same scenario day after day until whatever story I was crafting felt complete.

It’s a little more difficult as an adult. I work a 9-5 job. Often, I jog or exercise after work. I have friends and a boyfriend I like to spend time with.  I have obligations.

Sometimes it reaches the point where I feel the need to be more hermit-like in order to complete anything…so now I plan writing weekends where I’m not allowed to be social on Saturdays and Sundays.  It’s a bit crazy but honestly it does work…I might not get as much finished as planned but I do accomplish much more than if I didn’t plan these reclusive weekends.  For me, it works but I loved this quote by Don DeLillo because honestly there are some planned weekends where I waste away the precious time I’m supposed to be creative.

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  1. Amen to that.  I take home piles of books and teaching materials with such enthusiasm over the weekend.  My plans are to craft the perfect lesson, but somehow that enthusiasm fades by Saturday and I find myself watching movies, painting my nails, cleaning the bathroom……. One of these weekends I’ll pull it off.

    Looking forward to my opening my present. 

    🙂 Fancie


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