Game of Thrones Inspired Sweets


I had planned a lovely blog about my GoT-inspired dessert creations but that idea fell to the wayside due to a busy schedule.  Instead all I have to show for my intention is a picture of the House Stark Lemon Cakes I made. Basically, I just took a couple of cupcake recipes and made my own concoction so I don’t even have a recipe to share (sorry).  As tasty as they turned out I found serving ’em up with the Stark sigils is what really made me happy.


I also whipped up some “Dornish” Red Wine Chocolate Fudge Brownies but alas I neglected to take a photo of these wondrous treats.  Though you can find wonderful photos of those little bits of heaven on the blog, Butter Me Up Brooklyn.  These brownies are well-worth sacrificing a little bit of wine to baking rather than drinking.

Next time I embark on some theme baking, I promise to write a more thoughtful post.

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