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The April Want List


April proved to be another covetous month. Sigh.

Brightly colored clothing for ME:

Bright Crossbody

Photo credit: HSN

Foley & Corinna Cadeau Boxed Leather Crossbody Bag in neon blue.  I’m loving the idea of this bag to spice up a neutral summer outfit…perfect for day or even a casual night out.


Photo credit: anthropologie

Nanette Lepore Kimono Floral Bikini. With another scantly clad bikini-season rapidly approaching, I’ve started to look around for a new bikini and I think this one might be it!  Now I just need to stay serious about getting these last few winter-indulgence pounds off.  😉

linegerie one lingerie 2

Photo credit:  Journelle

Minuit Douze Gracie Bloomers…whimsical and adorable sheer panties…is an explanation really necessary?!

For the home:

Passionate Heart at

Photo credit:  aqnb

Passionate Heart Vase by Eva Milinkovic from Tsunami Glassworks

Bold and Breathtaking. I imagine this piece filled with white flowers, center stage on my coffee table.


Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Gold Chevron REMOVABLE wallpaper.  Perfect solution for those of us who rent.  I have a wonderful studio with a framed wall behind my bed that is need of some color.  This purchase is happening VERY SOON!

drink cart

Photo credit: Ruffled blog

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of having a drink cart.  My to-do list now includes a search to find the perfect one.  I adore this cart but I think it might be too small.  Loving the gold and mint motif so it will serve as inspiration in my quest.


Gaining Momentum


The past couple of weeks have been productive for both the creative and business sides of writing.  I completed the first chapter from a minor POV I’ve decided to add plus I’ve managed to get another three chapters edited.  I feel really confident about hitting my late June/early July deadline but it all hinges on how dedicated I am over the next two months. 🙂  The balance in my life has been tipped toward social outings rather than writing but I’m planning to swing that pendulum back toward writing for the next couple of months.

I’ve also started to research possible agents and their submission guidelines…and soon I need to start working on those dreaded query letters. Oh it’s going to be a busy couple of months but it’s exciting to finally reach a stage when I can think about either getting this novel traditionally published or if that doesn’t work out, make steps toward self-publishing.

I really want an editor to review The Fly Tower prior to contacting agents…so I’ve started to research companies that offer content editing plus have received some suggestions from friends. I have a very strong lead with a co-worker’s recommendation and so far, my email interactions with this person have been promising.

Has anyone used a freelance editor for a manuscript that they’d recommend?  I prefer an someone with experience editing science fiction/fantasy.  Extra points if they’ve edited Steampunk works.

Cheers to finding that perfect moment…



Ha! This is exactly what I do!

When I was younger, I could write anytime, anywhere.  Most days, I’d come home from school, head straight to my bedroom and just write and write and write until I was forced to sleep by my family. It was the same scenario day after day until whatever story I was crafting felt complete.

It’s a little more difficult as an adult. I work a 9-5 job. Often, I jog or exercise after work. I have friends and a boyfriend I like to spend time with.  I have obligations.

Sometimes it reaches the point where I feel the need to be more hermit-like in order to complete anything…so now I plan writing weekends where I’m not allowed to be social on Saturdays and Sundays.  It’s a bit crazy but honestly it does work…I might not get as much finished as planned but I do accomplish much more than if I didn’t plan these reclusive weekends.  For me, it works but I loved this quote by Don DeLillo because honestly there are some planned weekends where I waste away the precious time I’m supposed to be creative.

Image credits:


Game of Thrones Inspired Sweets


I had planned a lovely blog about my GoT-inspired dessert creations but that idea fell to the wayside due to a busy schedule.  Instead all I have to show for my intention is a picture of the House Stark Lemon Cakes I made. Basically, I just took a couple of cupcake recipes and made my own concoction so I don’t even have a recipe to share (sorry).  As tasty as they turned out I found serving ’em up with the Stark sigils is what really made me happy.


I also whipped up some “Dornish” Red Wine Chocolate Fudge Brownies but alas I neglected to take a photo of these wondrous treats.  Though you can find wonderful photos of those little bits of heaven on the blog, Butter Me Up Brooklyn.  These brownies are well-worth sacrificing a little bit of wine to baking rather than drinking.

Next time I embark on some theme baking, I promise to write a more thoughtful post.