The March Want List


This month, I’ve stumbled across all sorts of new items to covert…some I’ll manage to secure soon but others, alas, will have to be admired from afar.

For the home:

Victrola iPhone Speaker

Photo credits: Etsy

Vintage Victrola iPhone Speaker:  Love this! This speaker is beautiful as well as functional.  I imagine finding it a home on a small table…likely you’ll find me there as well, reclining on a nearby chaise lounge chair, sipping Old-Fashioneds possibly reading a favored novel or editing one of my manuscripts.  All the while, the speaker will be pumping out harmonies.  Such a lovely image!  It makes me ache.  I only hope one day to see it come true.

For indulging:


Photo credit: Uncovet

Obviously, these are very couple-y, but I’ll ignore that fact (and hope the boyfriend does too) because they are simple and adorable and who doesn’t Game of Thrones?!

For my personal style:


Photo credit: DeviantArt

Adorable Dieselpunk hair clips…need I say more?!

hair chalking

Photo credit: Examiner

Lately, I have been obsessed with the idea of dying sections of my hair a fun vibrant color and when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I fell in love.  Plume has created a line of pastel hair chalks that rinse-out.  It’s basically all the fun without all those pesky harmful dyes and the eventual hair damage from said bleach/hair dye.  So with the giddy warmth of Spring and Summer almost here, you might see me soon with brightly dyed, and maybe even coifed, hair.

That’s all for now…check back at the end of April to see what I’m coveting next month.


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