February, it’s been a blast!


The first half of February was a relatively productive month.  I finished editing my not-yet-published draft’s first two chapters to a point where I was happy enough with its progress to send to three lucky friends (who I like to think of as my own personal beta readers) for review. 

The second half of the month was mostly marked by gallivanting around New Orleans and then later Vermont.  So, given my lack of free time and subsequent fatigue, the second half wasn’t too industrious.  I haven’t even looked at my manuscript in a couple of weeks, and only managed to write one blog post. While I did manage to get some book research accomplished in New Orleans, my shenanigans at night compromised my ability to be too productive during the day.  It wasn’t fruitless though and I’ll post some reflections from my trip sometime next week.  On a positive note, I also uploaded the first two chapters to Penguin-hosted Book Country, an online community for writers and readers.  So if you have an account on Book Country, you can read the first two chapters and get a better sense of what The Fly Tower will be about and offer constructive comments and critiques. This weekend I will start editing again, and I’m very excited to delve back into the world I created.  Also, I’ve given myself a strict July 1st deadline to have the remaining manuscript ready so I can start the submission process (ie find an agent, scout publishers, etc) so here’s to a productive Spring! 

Goodbye February–it was an unbelievable blast but now it’s time to get back to work!


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