Yay, this blog is finally up and running! Please excuse my cheesy cornball excitement here…there were just moments I thought I’d never find time to actually get started.

Reason for the slow start: I work full-time in children’s publishing and just finished writing my first novel, tentatively entitled The Fly Tower.  So basically two full time jobs, and an active lifestyle, made getting the blog finished a bit of a challenge!

My novel is a mash-up of genres (steampunk, alt history, adventure, romance)…yes, I know, the idea of a mash-up is an ugly concept to some people. Yet, I think most good books contain elements from at least a couple of different genres. Pick up a mystery novel and it may have romance, adventure, and a bit of fantasy…or it may have none of those elements instead the reader may find a comedic detective story. Writers write, and then when the story is finished, it is molded into a category.  I understand. It’s easier that way but it can also be a bit misleading–and sometimes hindering. OK, sorry, enough of my mash-up rant. 🙂

Currently, I am in the process of editing the first draft. Soon, I’ll have a page set-up to provide more information about The Fly Tower and its progress.

In addition to my current WIP, I maintain an ever-growing list of story ideas ranging from space operas to urban fantasy…even some erotica. If you aren’t a huge steampunk fan, don’t worry. While steampunk will be showcased here, this blog will be centered more on reading, books, writing and lots of geekery.

I also want it to be reader friendly so please feel free to offer comments/suggestions related to posts, pages, etc.

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