Recently, I’ve been experiencing a certain fascination with watercolors from tattoo designs to art prints to clothing.

Here are some of my favorite looks where fabric has been splashed, brushed, or seemingly painted with the gentle immersion of color!

dressdress2mangodresscouturePhoto credits (top to bottom): fashion.ekstrax.com, net-a-porter.com, mango.com, ranizakhem.com

August Writing Roundup!


Sorry readers, I’m a few days late posting my writing roundup this month…not to mention quite behind on my writing/publishing goals (big sigh).  However, I plan to catch up in the next month now that my social obligations are thinning out.

What I’ve accomplished since July:

 –Completed The Elephant Hotel chapter 1

–Started The Elephant Hotel chapter 2

 –Minor edits of my synopsis

Goals for the next 4 weeks:

–Complete The Elephant Hotel chapter 2 rough draft and write 2-3 more chapters

 –Rework the synopsis and query for The Fly Tower, follow up with any agents as necessary, and send queries to ten additional agents

 –Draft and submit the intergalactic bounty hunter short story (submissions are due 9/30)

SEXY BACK–The July Want List


It’s summer! It’s hot! So ladies take this opportunity to leave your backs exposed for this SEXY BACK themed edition of the want list! Be sexy, be sweet, but show some skin!

Here are some options to get your search started:








Photo credits (top to bottom): nastygal.com; lulus.com; lulus.com; lulus.com; piperlime.com; piperlime.com; socialbliss.com; sparkly-dress.com







Writing Roundup!


Welcome to my first writing roundup!

I started this blog over a year ago, and have been pretty sporadic in keeping my readers informed about my overall progress. So, I will now post an update every month on the 15th. Before you begin reading, please enjoy the beautiful alternative 1880s map of North America designed for The Fly Tower world.



What I’ve accomplished recently:

 –Submitted queries for my manuscript, The Fly Tower, to ten agents

–Received two rejections on query alone; received one request for a  partial, but later the agent declined to request the full manuscript; haven’t heard back from the remaining seven agents though it’s still within the timelines listed on their websites about turnaround

Surprisingly I’ve been pretty calm and non-obsessive so far.  The rejected queries didn’t even really faze me;  I expected some rejections.  Though, yes, of course, I was disappointed when the one agent sent back the rejection after reading the partial…it was a bummer of a day.  But I had to brush it aside because I need to stay focused and positive, and this is only the beginning stage.

–Plotted and outlined the first two chapters of the second book in the Consortium Chronicles series, tentatively entitled The Elephant Hotel, and wrote about half of the first chapter

 –Plotted a new YA book about a far-flung future where AIs have wiped out humanity, then decades later, decide to clone a human girl from recovered human DNA to learn more about the race they terminated from existence. Story will be told from the girl’s POI and will pick up around the moment she discovers that not only are the parents who raised her really AIs but she is the only human left. Obviously there are deeper intrigues and twists but that’s all I want to say about this one for the moment.

 –Plotted an intergalactic bounty hunter short story for an upcoming anthology currently accepting submissions

Goals for July/August:

 –Complete The Elephant Hotel chapters 1 and 2 rough drafts in July and 4-5 more chapters in August

 –Rework the synopsis and query for The Fly Tower, follow up with any agents as necessary, and send queries to ten additional agents

 –Draft the intergalactic bounty hunter short story

–Actually meet with my writing group in August…I had scheduling conflicts in June and July.

That’s all for now…I’ll be back in August with what I accomplished (or didn’t).

Happy Birthday America…I made you ice cream!!!

Happy Birthday America…I made you ice cream!!!

Two different flavors in fact: All-American Apple Pie and Piña Colada.






Yes, I’m a bit silly and even created my own little creamery name for my small homemade batches: One Spoonful At A Time. But aren’t these containers adorable!

The logo and label design are courtesy of my boyfriend. (Thank you Rob!)


2014 ALA Annual Conference


Here in Las Vegas promoting amazing series nonfiction at the American Library Association Annual Conference. Having a great time meeting with Bearport’s sales reps, wholesalers and especially all of the librarians.

Librarians are some of the sweetest and savviest people and they deserve tons of credit for everything they do to engage readers particularly in times of budget cuts and layoffs.

Support your local library and keep the social aspect of reading alive!